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Tree Care in Clearwater - Improvements Worth Every Penny Invested

Clearwater Tree Removal Services gives you options!

There are a lot of places you can call that won't offer tree care in Clearwater. Most of the tree removal companies out there just want to cut down whatever you are inquiring about. Out of sight, out of mind. However, if you appreciate the nature surrounding you, that's not your most suitable option.

Clearwater Tree Removal Services will send a knowledgeable tree arborist to your location to do a thorough assessment. Before we start hacking away, you will know if something else can be done to save your landscape.

Get a list of reasonably priced solutions for tree care by calling to set up a FREE quote today on tree service in Clearwater FL. Our crew can't wait to meet you!

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The Tree Care in Clearwater That Makes a Difference

The Clearwater Tree Trimming Experts Are Here for You!

There are countless tools for tree trimming in Clearwater. Walk into your local hardware or big box store, and the displays for trimming trees are set up to make it seem simple. Don't get the wrong idea!

Tree trimming is dangerous, and it's more involved than you might think. Cutting away a limb here and a branch there is one thing, but when you want an entire tree trimmed up the right way, you need our professionals.

Start discovering why we're #1 for tree care by calling now.

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Tree Pruning for Clearwater Residents and Businesses

Just like with trimming, tree pruning in Clearwater requires specialized skills to do correctly and without incident. How do you know what should be pruned and what needs to be left to cycle through its process of growing? Our tree expert will let you know.

Trust that we have the education and experience required to quickly evaluate a tree and develop a pruning method, trimming and shaping it to its most beautiful state possible.

Speak with our customer care department about what you have, and we will let you know what we can do to assist you.

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Tree Shaping in Clearwater Creates a Never-Before-Seen Look

Tree shaping in Clearwater is a service that not everyone needs. With some types of trees, you can allow them to grow in whatever way they do naturally without cutting them at all. Other types, like conifers, may require additional shaping beyond what happens during a tree pruning.

The shaping that your tree gets is somewhat a personal preference, depending on what you want the final scene of your yard to look like. Our creative tree care team will take what you have in mind and turn it into a reality right in front of your eyes.

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Planting & Transplanting Trees, Bushes, and More

Are you gearing up for tree planting in Clearwater? It's a big job. The old methods of shoveling a hole and dropping the tree in are no longer utilized because of the advancements in equipment found in the tree service industry. Don't break your back trying to get a tree in the ground. We can do it effortlessly with what we have on our tree service trucks.

Did you plant a tree, but now you want to move it somewhere else? Our replanting professionals find the best place to move any shrubs, bushes, or other plants that aren't thriving where they're at now.

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Shrub Trimming Brings New Life Back to Your Landscape

The shrub trimming in Clearwater that we do will create a brand new look for your home, business, or industrial location. What you see as just a few overgrown plants can really make a huge difference in how others view your property.

The qualified tree experts on our crew will trim up your shrubs fast and with precision to boost curb appeal and property value. Find out how to get on our routine tree care service schedule when you call the office.

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Cabling & Bracing in Clearwater Protects Everything in the Area

Tree cabling and bracing in Clearwater is an area that we specialize in when it comes to tree care. Some trees on your property could be on the verge of falling over. You don't want to risk the safety of yourself, your family, or any of the buildings on your land.

With cabling and bracing, we can get your landscaping features back up to the condition they need to continue growing. It won't be long and they will reach their mature potential.

Our equipment is reliable, and we promise to get the job finished up to the highest standards for safety.

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Tree Disease Treatment for Clearwater's Sick or Dying Foliage

The tree disease treatment in Clearwater you're lacking is found with our tree experts and arborists. The Clearwater Tree Removal Service specialists aren't just punching a clock in the morning to go and do a job. We're passionate about the Earth, the environment, and doing what we can to preserve what's available.

There may be a few actions that can be taken to help nurse your sick or dying trees back to health. The prices of doing these services are in line with what it would cost to cut it down and provide tree removal. Why not protect it?

Find out how we can help save your trees with our tree disease treatments today!

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"After a huge storm, a large tree in our yard began leaning towards the houses prompting me to call Clearwater Tree Removal Services. After they provided the quote for services, they began the removal job, all within 24 hours. If you need emergency tree removal, definitely call this tree company!"
- Tom P.

Our Clearwater Service Areas

Tree service in our Clearwater service areas is fast, friendly, and affordable. If you're located anywhere near Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Clearwater Beach, Belleair, or Belleair Bluffs, get a FREE quote from us first. You'll be delighted at our rates, and the results we accomplish. We go above and beyond other tree removal companies in Florida.

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