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How We Perform Tree Root Removal in Clearwater

Tree root removal in Clearwater isn't a project for just anyone. Cutting tree roots can be simple and straightforward. However, it can quickly turn into quite a challenge if you don't have the experience, tools, or methods to do the work. Clearwater Tree Removal Services has it all, and we know how to remove tree roots the right way the first time.

First, we take a look at the toot removal the customer has inquired about. Next, we thoroughly evaluate and create a plan to remove the tree roots quickly, safely, and at a fair price. Finally, we put the decision in your hands. Let us know if you want us to help with rooming large tree roots in your Clearwater property whenever you're comfortable. We won't trick or pressure you.

Typically, we eliminate the unwanted trees on your property by exposing the roots. That means we will dig up the area to gain better access. Then, we use chainsaws, hand tools, or other means to get the roots cut out without causing any damage to the surrounding property or nearby structures.

It all begins with a phone call, email, or text to our friendly tree removal contractors. The on-site meeting is free, so there's nothing for you to lose!

tree roots that need removed in Clearwater
tree root removal services needed at Clearwater home

Why Remove the Tree Roots Too?

Our contractors often hear concerns about the cost of tree root removal in Clearwater before any other questions. Why? Because homeowners want to know, especially those on a tight budget if this is a service they want to invest in. Sure, you can leave the roots where they are, but did you know that they could be causing damages underground that you can't see? Those problems lead to much more expensive repair and remediation costs than a simple tree root removal.

The benefits of getting your tree roots out are plentiful. Here are just a few to give you a better understanding:

  • Prevent damage to waterlines, electrical lines, sewers, and other features underground
  • Eliminate the potential for the tree roots to cause issues with your foundation by growing into it
  • Stop cracking in sidewalks, driveways, and other areas where the roots move and shift the soil.
  • Have a clean, clear, crisp lawn to do whatever you want with!

Tree roots aren't just ugly, they're dangerous to you, your family, and your property. So let us help you get them out of your life for good at a competitive price. Call today!

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Can You Skip Services for Root Removal in Clearwater?

You took down a tree in the far back of your lawn where nobody ever goes, and nothing ever happens. Why waste your resources on tree root removal in Clearwater then? Well, think about your future. What if one day you'd like to build a shed back there. Perhaps your kids are growing, and eventually, they will be running wild around the property or riding ATVs. You don't want to cause an accident because a tree root was left sticking out of the ground.

Did you know that tree roots can span up to 20 feet deep or more? You can't possibly know what they're doing under the ground if you leave them to keep growing. So, the answer is no. You shouldn't skip tree root removal services.

Our professionals won't give you a headache trying to teach you tree removal services. Instead, we aim to make you comfortable. So ask all the questions you have, and know that there's nothing for you to lose as a fully licensed and insured company.

removing tree roots in Clearwater
tree removal including root removal services in Clearwater

Our Tree Removal Contractors Get to the Bottom of Roots!

Don't leave your tree root removal in Clearwater to just anyone. Instead, trust the contractors that have done these hundreds of times. That way, you won't have to be concerned about damages and unexpected costs. We have everything you want in a tree service company and so much more.

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Modern, well-maintained equipment
  • Current, effective methods
  • Contractors that are honest, respectful, and dependable

When it's time to clear out those tree roots, know that we have what you're looking for. Get in touch with our office to get the project going!



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"After a huge storm, a large tree in our yard began leaning towards the houses prompting me to call Clearwater Tree Removal Services. After they provided the quote for services, they began the removal job, all within 24 hours. If you need emergency tree removal, definitely call this tree company!"
- Tom P.

Tree Root Removal in Clearwater is Only a Fraction of What We Do

Clearwater Tree Removal Services is the only all-inclusive tree removal company in Clearwater that offers this wide range of services that we do. Instead of just coming in and cutting down trees, we actually first try and discover what we can do to save the trees, especially if that's what the homeowner would prefer. Often, our clients assume the only way to get rid of a sick or falling tree is by cutting it down. Instead, we're here to inform you that there are a plethora of affordable tree care options, tree disease treatments, and cabling and bracing procedures we perform to help bring trees back to life! You can learn more about what we have available by calling to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable tree arborists. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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